The Amazing "Story of Markus"

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After the taping of this story, we
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surprised when he actually did!

The Amazing "Story of Markus"
Episode 1 :

The Amazing "Story of Markus" features a sixteen year old's tragic passing, and his parents' unbelievable story that brought them to a place of healing after five years of grief.

SYNOPSIS: Carla Mae conducted a psychic reading for the grief counselor of Mark and Laura, the parents of sixteen year old Markus Howell. In this reading, their son provided messages for his parents to the counselor through Carla Mae.

The councilor then reported to Mark and Laura of the encounter with their son and Carla Mae. Soon after, Mark and Laura decided to have a session with Carla Mae in attempt of reconnecting to their son. It was revealed in this session, that Markus had in fact been trying to connect with his parents from the other side, by leaving them various signs. The session also revealed the answers to many questions surrounding some mysterious details about passing of Markus.

This episode documents the details, the raw emotion and the healing surrounding the Howell family.

Many more details of this story will be posted soon.