Psychic Medium - Carla Mae, TV and Radio Show Host, Uses Her Ability To Help People All Over the World.

The spiritual side uses Carla Mae as a channel in showing others there is much more to ourselves than the material, physical world that we see and touch. Much like the highly praised TV show "Medium," "Ghost Whisperer," and John Edward's "Crossing Over," Carla Mae connects to people's deceased loved ones on "the other side" by simply connecting to a person's voice in person or by phone.

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with Christina McLarty on CBS.

As well as taking "one on one" private phone readings, Carla Mae guest appears on radio and television programs around the country, and has recently been selected to host her own TV show, "Messages with Carla Mae."

By reconnecting people to their loved ones in attempt to reach understanding, healing, closure and or missing information, Carla Mae teaches people how to live their lives surrounded in Joy.

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Carla Mae has been an internationally recognized psychic medium.

Her work experience includes the Hosting of her own Radio Show “Continuing Connections,” Guest appearing on many radio and TV shows, Publishing a spiritual novel, “Believing in Paradise,” as well as hosting several spiritual development DVDs Features.