Interested in being a Guest on the "Messages Show?"

We are currently accepting guests that would like to participate in a free reading by renowned psychic medium Carla Mae while being taped live for the new TV Show "Messages with Carla Mae." (please see guest eligibility far right)

It's Easy! Here's all you do:

ONE: Simply Contact the "Messages" Business Office via Email or Phone (provided right), and the "Messages" personal relations manager will provide you a date and time for a shooting date that you will be able to attend.

Note: The creators of "Messages" are in the process of securing the services of a third party company for the sole intent of recruiting guests. This will create a scenario in which All show producers, employees and affiliates will have absolutely NO prior information about any of the shows participants. Therefore insuring that the readings presented by Carla Mae are 100% real and unrehearsed.

TWO: Please DO NOT provide us with ANY information about you or anything regarding your family. Besides maintaining integrity issues surrounding the show, Carla Mae prefers to have absolutely no prior knowledge before a reading.

Email the Show by Clicking Here:

Or Call our Office at:
Just ask for Jessica

Participation Eligibilty Disclaimer:
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a) Eligible participants of the "Messages" show are required to HAVE NOT had a prior psychic reading with Carla Mae.

b) Eligible participants must be able to arrive to the set of the show during their scheduled date and time.

c) Participates must arrive on their own free will.

d) Participants understand they will not receive payment or embursment for their participation on the show. However, the reading presented by Carla Mae during the taping will be at no cost to participants.

e) A signed release form will be provided and required by all participants upon entering the show's taping, that will release the production company from any liability or restrictions regarding the footage taped.

f) Participants must understand they will not be reimbursed for any transportation costs or fees associated with the show. Furthermore, transportation will be the full responsibility of the guest and will not hold the show or its employees liable for any accidents or injuries while present, or in transit - to and/or from the show.

g) Participants can not hold the show, or the show's principles liable for any lawsuits or damages in any way.