“Messages” features the amazing abilities of Carla Mae as she does one on one and group readings on the set of “Messages.” The show also features segments related to spiritual topics, such as healing, miracles, spiritual growth, intuition and “life on the other side.”

Produced by Omni Visual Media of Dallas, Texas - “Messages” is only one of numerous spiritually-inspired television, Radio programs, movies and projects developed by Omni Visual Media; such as “Reunion of Self” (television - UPN21) “The Viewer” (feature film), “How to Beat the Odds” (cable television), and “Continuing Connections with Carla Mae ” (radio program - Tampa, Florida) to name only a few.

Co-Created by Carla Mae, the Messages crew and Omni Visual Media President - Christian Sly brings this team together to bring truth and spirituality to a Hollywood-diluted media environment. The sole intent of “Messages” is to discover the truth, healing, closure and insight of heaven in attempt to make our lives more joyful and abundant.